Straight Shooter

An honest and forthright individual.

Americans deserve More 

from elected Officials;

Intelligent Solutions 

instead of Noise.

We must restore Confidence

in our Government 

by Electing Candidates 

that are Straight Shooters

Just like Us.

The Straight Shooter pledge

I am,

  • Honest and forthright
  • Law abiding
  • Helpful and kind
  • Hardworking and fair
  • Responsible and reasonable
  • A Good Friend and Neighbor
  • Patriotic and Open Minded
  • Charitable and 
  • Willing to Serve the Nation when Called Upon,
  • To Protect our Blessings of Liberty and,
  • the Democracy that keeps Tyranny at bay
  • With no regard to Personal Sacrifice,
  • For the Greater Good of Country, Mother Earth and the future of Humanity

I so declare

Nevadans have a choice to make. One that will impact the future of our state and the direction of our country. Will it be politics as usual or are Nevadans ready for a different kind of candidate?

A Straight Shooter with a focus on real solutions to the ever-growing challenges we face. 

A candidate that is not running for himself but to represent the hard-working, law-abiding citizens of this great land that agree our elected officials should be held to higher standards. 

A candidate that offers a choice for Nevadans to send a mandate to Washington that it’s time for leaders to lead and to offer more than excuses and finger pointing. 

Democracy is under attack and there is no better way to restore it than to look beyond Party rhetoric to discover candidates that share our American Values.

We need Straight Shooters like You to join our campaign.