Core Republican Values


In order to form a more perfect union, this Republican Doctrine is set forth herein as a roadmap to Prosperity, Security and Freedom for all Americans.

Strengthen America’s global economic and Military Dominance

  • Foreign policy based on America’s interests.
  • Unequivocal support for the men and women in uniform that protect our nation.
  • Modernize Education to give every American the opportunity to reach their full potential. 
  • Accelerate the Modernization of our National Defense institutions to win existing wars (cyber terrorism and biologic warfare,) and to establish Capabilities that engender peace through overwhelming strength.

Sound Economic policies that support Innovation and Open markets

  • Reorganize the SBA to serve small enterprises including start-ups.
  • Simplify the tax code to be fair, support innovation and growth.
  • Return to Fiscal policies that restore the government’s balance sheet to solvency. 
  • Eliminate Welfare fraud ($99B annually) and reduce welfare spending to no more than 14% of GDP (2000 level) (18.7% in 2019.)
  • Eliminate Tariffs as well as global currency manipulation.
  • Immigration policies to provide a legal path to citizenship for those willing to contribute to the prosperity of America. 
  • Environmental policies that provide worldwide leadership towards concrete solutions.

Protection of Constitutional Freedoms and Liberties

  • Freedom from Government interference in our personal lives.
  • No more Affirmative Action – or any other form of discrimination.
  • Strengthen Democracy through campaign finance reform and election integrity.

Restore The Blessings of Liberty

  • Liberty from government surveillance (traffic video, cell tracking, satellites, etc.)
  • Liberty from forced purchases.
  • Liberty to decide what to put in our bodies, and what not to.
  • Liberty to keep and bear Arms to protect our families, our community and our nation.

Strength in Unity

  • Moving the Party forward with Core Conservative Policies that are Good for All Americans.
  • A Party Platform that Unites Republicans as a single, strong Voice.

America: the land of Opportunity

The United States of America has always been and must always be the place where citizens enjoy the greatest degree of freedom to pursue their dreams and aspirations with the least amount of government interference. For this very reason, America has achieved greatness and supremacy above all other Nations.

To maintain our Margin of Supremacy America must refocus its efforts towards solutions to existential threats and a growing list of new challenges from both expected and unexpected places.