Constitution Day

In times of great peril, when our way of life is under assault from actors here and abroad, visible, and invisible, when even truth itself cannot find firm footing – it is imperative that each one of us pause a few moments each day to be thankful we live in a country with such clear and powerful protections of our Rights and Liberties.


It is equally important to be Vigilant as our Blessings of Liberty are so easily cast aside by thinly veiled explanations that amount to no more than a lack of trust that Patriotic Americans will step forward when called upon to serve our nation in the defense of our lands, our communities, and families. 


Our Constitutional Freedoms – are not Free. The cost is dear. Our sons and daughters voluntarily take up arms to protect our Nation – sacrificing life and limb to defend the Constitution  – True Patriots. Health care, emergency and peace-keeping personnel often facing unwarranted peril to protect our Laws and Lives – True Patriots. And many more who do their part each day to Protect our way of Life with a moral code that upholds the values we all cherish – True Patriots.


To ensure our future and more importantly the future of our children – every Citizen of this Great Nation has the opportunity to practice Patriotism by engaging in the Democratic process. We need to expect much more from elected officials; Integrity, Honesty and Solutions. Leadership is not telling people what they want to hear – it’s the willingness to do the right thing for all Americans, present and yet born without hesitation or coercion. To do more than just restore and reaffirm Constitutional rights – but to restore America as the Land of Opportunity – where each Citizen is given an equal chance to achieve their full potential and to pursue happiness – free of Government interference.


Citizenship is a Privilege. Let’s get to work on solutions that bring real change.