A different kind of candidate

Leading the way to a better future for all Americans.

Not a career politician

Do we really want to send more lawyers to Washington to represent us?

A lifelong Republican. 12 year Air Force Veteran. A guy like you and me.

Honesty. Integrity.
More than just words.

I met Bill when he joined my small software company as a sales rep and we soon become close friends. Bill was always the top sales rep. Not just because he worked harder than everyone but mostly from being very good at creating lasting and genuine bonds with everyone.

Scott Warner

American Values

As your representative in the US Senate, Hockstedler will bring real change through common sense legislation and coalition building among both parties.

Change starts with you

Born in  Virginia. Raised by conservative parents. Served in the Army and the Air Force. A successful career as a Business Development executive in Healthcare. 

Bill has lived in Texas, Alaska, Virginia, Massachusetts, Kentucky, New Jersey, California, and Nevada. He chose Nevada and specifically Nye county as the place with the most freedoms.

Bill lives and breathes the core Republican Values on a daily basis and plans to devote his energy to securing and improving the lives of all Americans as your Senator.